Hot Water Solutions

Hot Water Solutions

When you turn on the tap, you want hot water quickly and efficiently.

Plumbing & Gas Works can supply and install the best option for your home or business. We offer the entire range of hot water production options and best of all, we have availability now to get you up and running. Call us today and we’ll guide you through the options or keep reading below.  Arrange a site visit (either by phone or the contact page below) and we can discuss your requirements.

You want a hot water system that balances upfront cost with long term efficiency. Let us help you make the right choice and get it installed without delay.

Continuous Flow Hot Water

Water is heated as it passes through the unit giving an endless supply.  No energy is used when hot water is not required.

Great for high demand house holds – big spa bath, dumper head in shower, more than 5 people, when there are long periods when hot water is not required (holiday houses) or for people that love a long hot shower.  

Can be run on natural gas or LPG.  We can advise the best solution for your situation.

Heat Pump water heating

Uses refrigeration technology to absorbs heat from the outside air to heat water – saving energy, saving money on running costs, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

An upfront investment to reduce your ongoing running costs, while not compromising on performance.

Options for domestic hot water only or home heating via underfloor or radiators.

Internal and external options available.

ELECTRIC Hot Water cylinders

The ideal replacement for the budget conscious household. We can replace low pressure cylinders ‘like for like’ or you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade to mains pressure and be able to wash the shampoo out of your hair.

Good option is you have, or are thinking of installing PV solar panels.

Multiple sizes available to suit any household.  External options available where space could be better utilized inside.

Plumbing & Gas Works really know their stuff when it comes to hot water; we’ve got squillions (okay – lots and lots!) of hours of expertise and experience under our belts.

Tried and tested for all New Zealand conditions

Our recommended selection of products for your hot water system.

Rinnai Gas Hot Water - Infinity continuous flow

 6 Star energy rating

 Error codes displayed on controller (optional)

 Frost protection available (optional)

 Indoor and outdoor models

 Available for both LPG & Natural Gas

 Controllers available to set outlet temperatures – great safety feature when         children are using the shower.

Rheem Gas Hot Water - Integrity continuous flow

• 6 star energy rating

• Digital display for easy fault diagnosis and service

• Frost protection as standard

• Indoor and outdoor models

 Available for both LPG * Natural Gas

• Controllers (sold separately) can be added to the module to help to conveniently
control your ideal water temperature (the maximum water temperature is 55°C when set by controllers) 

Rheem EcoPlus Hot Water Heat Pump

• Cut your hot water running costs by up to 80%

• Two global brands, one exciting hot water solution

• Operating range of -10ºC to +42ºC

• Delivers water to 63ºC in a single pass

• Neighbour friendly whisper quite operation (37 dB)

• Cylinder can be installed inside or outside

• Ozone friendly natural refrigerant (CO2) 

Mitsubishi EcoDan Hot Water Heat Pump

• Includes options for home heating with radiators or underfloor heating

• Cut your hot water & heating running costs by up to 70% when compared to traditional water heating.

• Designed for New Zealand conditions with reliable performance in outdoor temperatures as low as -15ºC.

• Quiet outdoor operation (43 dB).

• Ozone friendly refrigerant (CO2)

• Can be connected to an existing hot water cylinder.

Electric Hot Water cylinders

• Low up front costs

• Quick solution for when your existing system fails

• Low pressure and mains pressure options

• Sizes to suit all applications

• Interior and exterior options

• Great when paired with PV solar panels

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Our Five Star Guarantee


24hrs or less for emergency jobs for existing clients


We’ll be on time, everytime


No job to big or to small


We’ll fix it right the first time


Your place is left clean and tidy