Our Story

Plumbing & Gas Works has been around in the Waikato since the beginning of the century and was originally known as Plumbing Works.  Back then it had 8 employees; it’s since grown with a team of 20 now.

You’ll find Plumbing & Gas Works different to most other plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying companies.  Seven of our employees are shareholders; this means they’ve got a vested interest in making sure they impress our clients… 

They know that if they don’t, they’ve got to answer to the other shareholders and employees.  Of course their pride won’t let this happen; our team is committed to doing their absolute best. All the time, not just when the inspectors looking.

So what else makes Plumbing & Gas Works stand out from the rest…?

For starters, we hire for positive attitude and top skills: as we’ve said, we’re committed to providing outstanding service when it comes to things plumbing, gas fitting and drain laying.

We strive for excellence in everything we do: ‘near enough’ doesn’t equal ‘good enough’ and we’re right into having the Plumbing & Gas Works team always doing a first class job. 

We’re where service begins!

Awards & Achievements

Waikato Master Plumbers of the year 2016

New Zealand Master Plumbers of the year 2017

New Zealand Master Plumbers Membership Award 2021 – 20 years

Meet the Team


General Manager
Mike started with the company in 1997 as the estimator and was promoted to Manager when the company was reformatted in 2000.


Certifying Plumber/ Gasfitter/ Drainlayer
Neil’s been with Plumbing & Gas Works since June 2000 and is qualified in laying and jointing HDPE piping for underground gas mains and is IQP (independently qualified person) in Backflow Prevention testing and surveying.


Contracts Manager
Waikato Master Plumbers – Plumber of the Year 2016
New Zealand Master Plumbers, Plumber Gasfitter or Drainlayer 2017
Jacob is another long standing team member who started with Plumbing & Gas Works as an apprentice back in 2005. He is a Certifying Plumber, Gasfitter and Drainlayer. Jacob won the Master Plumber of the Year 2017 award at the New Zealand Master Plumbers awards ceremony.


Certifying Plumber/ Gasfitter
Shane joined our team in July 2015 with 15 years experience under his belt. He is also an IQP person for backflow prevention device testing.


Office Manager
Jackson Women in Plumbing Award 2021
Sarah joined us in June 2015 and promoted to Office Manager shortly thereafter. Quite often referred to around the office as “Mother Avery”.


Certifying Plumber/ Gasfitter
Waikato Master Plumbers – Plumber of the Year 2017
Greg joined PGW as an apprentice back in March 1998. Greg is committed to quality workmanship through and through which is a skillset he puts at the front of the mentoring he does with our Apprentices. Greg won Plumber of the Year 2017 at the Waikato Master Plumbers Awards. Greg loves his family and probably even more so his motorbike.


Certifying Plumber / Gasfitter / Drainlayer
New Zealand Master Plumbers – Plumbing World Scholarship 2013
New Zealand Master Plumber – James Douglas Medallion 2017
Waikato Master Plumbers – Apprentice of the Year 2016
Kris joined our team in November 2011 as an Apprentice. Kris won the Apprentice of the Year 2017 at the New Zealand Master Plumber Awards. Kris enjoys getting out on his bike.


Office Administrator
Melody joined Plumbing and Gas Works in February 2024 after transferring from another plumbing company.


Certifying Drainlayer
Hayden joined PGW as an apprentice in June 2004. Hayden enjoys spending time with his family and friends and also enjoys riding motorbikes and cruising in his Chev.


Certifying Drainlayer
Jonno joined our team in July 2014. Jonno is now a qualified drainlayer. Jonno loves spending time with his two young kids and out playing rugby and cricket.


Certifying Plumber/Gasfitter. Apprentice Drainlayer
John joined Plumbing & Gas Works in September 2015. John loves Rugby, Cricket and Fishing. Whether he is good at them, is another question…


Certifying Plumber/ Licenced Gasfitter
Ryan returned to PGW in July 2022 after a short stint working in another town. Ryan is an avid fisherman and often found out on the water in the weekends.


Certifying Plumber/Gasfitter
After a “gap year” Zeb returned to PGW in October 2023.


Licensed Plumber/Drainlayer. Apprentice Gasfitter
Riley joined our team in 2018. Riley came from a back ground of building construction but saw the light early and is trying his hand at plumbing.


Licensed Plumber/ Gasfitter/ Drainlayer
Julian joined our team in December 2018. Julian’s (Melman) long fingers are helping him get a grasp on his apprenticeship.


Licensed Plumber/Drainlayer. Apprentice Gasfitter
Waikato Master Plumbers - 2nd Year Apprentice 2022
Matenga started with our team in February 2020. After taking Maori and Indigenous Studies, Matenga decided he wanted a more hands on approach. In his spare time, Matenga plays rugby and enjoys traveling.


Apprentice Plumber/ Gasfitter/ Drainlayer
Masterlink Outward Bound Scholarship 2023
With a background working in real estate and then as a labourer for a year, Raphael has a mix of experience in both customer service and some practical experience. Raphael started with us in September 2021 and is looking forward to advancing his career in plumbing.


Apprentice Plumber/ Gasfitter/ Drainlayer
Kyan joined Plumbing & Gas Works in May 2022 after completing a contract with a plumbing merchant.


Apprentice Plumber/ Gasfitter/ Drainlayer
Brooklin started with PGW in September 2023 after completing a pre-trade course at Wintec. Brooklin loves spending time with God, his fiancé and two kids. He has a passion for music and rugby.


Apprentice Plumber/ Gasfitter/ Drainlayer
Kieran joined PGW in October 2023, part way through his apprenticeship.


Apprentice Plumber/ Gasfitter/ Drainlayer
Sijbren joined PGW in September 2023 as a labourer and enjoyed the work so much he has started his apprenticeship. Sijbren loves spending time with family and friends and enjoys driving his Mitsubishi Evolution on weekends and to car events.


Apprentice Drainlayer
Max joined Plumbing & Gas Works in October 2023. He spends his free time fishing or chasing deer around the hills. Max also enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Our Affiliates

Over the years Plumbing & Gas Works has formed relationships with some of the highest quality suppliers and specialists operating in the greater Waikato area.

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